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I am very proud of all three main actors for their intense performances in this episode…Catriona, Sam, and especially Tobias. Each one reached into themselves and pulled out extraordinary scenes.
**I’ve seen this before, but look closely at Sam…his eyes are so clear and amazingly blue, you see his, pupils in Wentworth as well as the scenes from past episodes in the Laird’s bedroom…yummy yet cool at the same time!

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Outlander Episode 1.15 – Wentworth

Blogger’s Note:  ETA, I watched every single second of screen time for the Wentworth Episode.  I just used CC in the places that were intense.  I saw it all!  Just wanted to clarify!

I almost went off the Outlander rails with Wentworth.  The lead up to it was hideous for me.  I really had myself twisted into a state and had basically shut myself down as far as Outlander goes.  Now that it’s past, or rather begun, as 1.16 will be brutal as well, I can honestly say that I learned a lot about how this fandoms works, how television advertising works and how I work.  All of it is good, positive, usable information and I am actually glad I went through this experience with all of you.  Here are a few things I learned:

  • Whether hype about something is real or not is in the mind of the hyped.  Some were still traumatized, others were disappointed.  I can’t imagine actually wanting to see a rape, and we still might, but there are some who do – for their own reasons.  I have no comment on that.  That is the individual’s business.  For me, this was slightly over-hyped and that is likely a product of my own fear and wildly out of control imagination.  I will not let my fear of something pin me to the wall so quickly next time.
  • This episode evoked a lot of emotion.  We all knew that would happen.  Things were a lot more positive than I thought they would be – for me as well – and for that, I am grateful!
  • I think we should talk, as a group, about a couple of issues.  The biggest one being media and rape culture.  I read some really passionate and heartfelt thoughts on that subject yesterday.  I have never been a victim of domestic abuse or rape – which means that I ought to put a little effort into learning something from men and women who have.  I am raising both a son and a daughter so I need to educate myself better.
  • Almost everyone was prickly over the airing of this episode – and will continue to be until it’s over with the airing of 1.16. I am going to give people a wide berth because I think we all need it.  Many of us have lived with the characters of Jamie and Claire for a very long while.  They are important to us and this is tough to watch onscreen.  At least for me it is.  There is knowing something to going to happen – and then there is seeing it happen before your eyes.  You have to watch it all happen, but you can’t stop it.  I hate that, which is why I never watch things like this.  I am left with the trauma, but am powerless.  I am a doer by nature.  If I don’t like something, I do my level best to change it.  That was tough for me.  Really tough.

As I told all of you before, I was going to self censor my viewing of 1.15 – and I did.  I watched all of it, but I employed a few techniques to help me tap out in case it got too much for me.  The first thing I did was, I got up very early in the morning and watched On Demand.  I had been through a long night’s sleep.  My mind was clear.  Secondly, I watched on my iPad.  A smaller screen made it feel less real to me.  I know that may sound insane to many of you, but for me, it worked.  Watching on our huge 55″ HD television….no.  I also used closed captioning when things got really intense.  I couldn’t take knowing what was going to happen, watching it and hearing it all at the same time.  So, rather than not watch, I chose to not hear it.  It worked for me.  I got through it.

I watched once and will never watch again.  In light of that, I feel it would be unfair of me to do my usual review style post.  I always watch two or three times before writing a review and I just cannot do that this time.

I will say that I hate bloody f*cking Jonathan Wolverton “Black Jack” Randall about 1000 times more than I used to.  I am fine with death penalties and would happily send that bastard straight off the gallows if I could, and may he be one of the ones who suffer a bit.  I can hear my Granny in my ear right now, reminding me that violence is for men and women who have run out of options.  I agree with her.  For some, there are no other options.  I’d pray for him first.  Hell of a job, Tobias Menzies.

The one area where I thought this episode shined was this:  I didn’t hear any of the ages old ‘Is BJR gay’ debate.  I think that is down to very careful characterization on the part of the writers.  We understand that BJR is practically asexual in that he doesn’t really find other human beings attractive.  He finds certain, very particular traits in human beings attractive – not the people, the trait.  The show also did a wonderful job of choosing just the right dialogue to drive home the point that Jack is fixated on death.  He is dead inside, and we don’t know why.  He also likes it that way and doesn’t want anything different for himself.  That is hard to understand without the proper medical and psychological education, but even so, the show did a great job of showing that BJR is mentally ill basically.

For me, the standout performance was from Caitriona Balfe.  She was absolutely amazing.  My heart shattered into a thousand tiny bits during that hand nailing scene.  Both she and Sam were brilliant – in that scene in particular.  Loved seeing that level of powerful, moving drama on television.  It was every bit of what it should have been and very affecting.  I am actually looking forward to seeing her in action in 1.16.  She is going to be amazing.

In the end, I hating watching this episode.  (LOL, sorry but I did.)  I didn’t want to watch it and I will never watch it again.  That is a personal choice of mine.  The episode itself was a difficult episode, full of difficult and sensitive material that was hard to watch.  I thought the show runners did an exceptionally amazing job of handling this very dark, dense material.  I know we will have to delve further in with the airing of 1.16, but I feel a lot more solid about it.  I know I can watch and actually make it through it without bolting.  I want to thank the show runners for that.  That is down to them and they all deserve a nod for it.  Ira Steven Behr and Anna Foerester – thank you.  I didn’t think I would be thanking you after what I was feeling earlier, but thank you.

Now will come my favorite part of the story.  The escape from Wentworth and the recovery of Jamie – in both body and soul – is one of the greatest comeback stories in all of literature.  I like stories where the good guys win in the end, and they will in this story, using the most powerful weapon in the world – love.


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