Outlander Set For Pre-Order

Diana has once again made my week!!!!!

The first 8 episodes of Outlander are officially on for pre-order for March 3.

There is a slot for the second half of the season, plus some great fun features.

Herself announced it on her Facebook page today!

Looks like we are going to have a GREAT time in March and starting in April…the rest of the season!!!

Pre-order yours for roughly $40 today!!!


Happy reading


Outlandish Companion

As everyone is aware, Herself has announced that the Outlandish Companion will be out as a revised re-release on March 31.

This will coincide with the second half of the series on Starz.

I own the Companion, and I’ve always used it during re-reads of the series to Dragonfly In Amber…all those faces just get muddled, ye ken…

I can’t wait to see this release mainly because it will contain added content and will drop a few things here and there…one addition seems to be about the show and Diana’s stint (I still laugh at her shushing Murtagh, her quietest character in Outlander) and some photos. Awesome huh?!

New Outlander fans will flock out to get this version, but I’m wondering if veterans of the series will buy it. Most of the information will remain the same and some own a first edition copy. The only changes are a chapter or two, pictures and a fabulous new cover. There won’t be new content or cover Fiery Cross, A Breath Of Snow And Ashes, Echo In The Bone. Or Written In My Own Heart’s Blood.

The second Companion is tentatively scheduled for the fall…yes, tentative…

However, as I write this I think about how many hours it took for Diana to get the information on the FIRST Companion together and wonder how she has managed to get MOBY written AND work with the information she needs to get this second Companion out…you have to admire her for her fortitude and add to that Lord John Grey’s series…let’s not ask about the short stories and other works she has been doing. Let’s not mention the book signings, guest appearances for MOBY and the television series…

I can only hope that once we head through 2015, Diana continues to do the amazing things she does.

Links to Amazon and The Outlandish Companion and the Revised Outlandish Companion (available for pre-order and on Kindle)

Happy Reading!


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