Reading VS. Watching, A Commentary

Before I say anything, let me tell you now…I’m not going to warn about spoilers. I know Jen is for her reviews out of respect for our overseas fans, but I am not doing a review but there are things I’m writing about today that may be new or different regarding the series compared to the novel.

My philosophy on this is similar to my thoughts on Downton Abbey and when I, as an American watch it…I know the show is made for a British audience and will be aired here in January…if I go to sites or blogs or tweeters of Downton Abbey before it airs her, I know I will be getting spoilers. The same can be said of Outlander…it is being created for an American audience first, so you read my posts at your own risk as I would for Downton Abbey. Jen had the same issues with BBC’s Robin Hood…

Enter this post at your own risk, I make no apologies!

I’ve been a bit disappointed in Outlander tweeters who have read the books as have been watching the series on television….

The predominant of them all is complaining about how many minutes Jamie was in an episode…the majority of you have read this series….you know Claire and Jamie have no reason to be with each other unless there are others about in the first 10 chapters. You know that propriety of the 18th century hinders social interaction between men and women…and when you read Outlander, you KNOW Herself doesn’t put much about him in until they are married, just snippets here and there…unless she is dressing his wounds or she is checking on his wounds or in Hall, they have no reason to be around each other for more that a half hour at the most…even then, chaperoned.

Either way, you will stop complaining as of this Saturday when Jamie has a right to be by her side in every episode….though, that did make me very sad seeing veteran Outlanders doing this.

I’m not going to say anything more on this subject…or any of the other pet peeves I’ve developed over the course of watching everyone digest the series….instead, I’m going to talk about the changes that have been made thus far that have enhanced the series….

The first changes were not so obvious…but interesting:
1. The cock’s blood and Mrs. Baird explaining it instead of Frank telling Claire about it as in the book.

2. The absence of young Roger (whom I am led to understand will make an appearance anyway). No biggie, they only had forty five minutes for the first episode…the set up, as in the books.

3. Claire finding the stones with Mr. Crook…though the other version was good and very dramatic…

4. The trip to Loch Ness was missing, but I’m sure will be added in later in more flashbacks.

These were such minor things as it be overlooked.

The additional scenes were awesome, they did what they were supposed to do, and that was to show more of a physical reason why Claire would want to return to Frank…I say Frank and not the 20th century because Claire, herself keeps saying that in the books…she doesn’t conveniently forget her husband and want to return to motor cars, phones and hot showers. It is the man she loved, married and had been torn away from because of war, and that is Frank!

These scenes are the obvious ones.

The shaving scene was in a sense, serving that purpose and showing the difference between Jack and Frank. It was mystifying!

The most recent change on the book is episode 6 in most of its entirety…I just relistened to this on audibles today, and re-read it in the book…chapters 11 and 12.
Claire and Dougal go to find Randall in the books, not the way other way around.

The addition of Thomas, the whole bigoted scene between Dougal and this pompous ass was done to show more of what Dougal explains to Claire in these chapters.

The entire scene between Claire and Jack was intense and a great addition to the show…in a way, I loved how the whole cat and mouse game played out for the two of them. It was also more poignant than the original, where Dougal explains the floggings to show Jamie’s character after the fact. It was a riveting scene, and a bit of a set up and almost spoiler for Dragonfly…and we all learned a thing or two about one Jonathan Wolverton Randall, Esquire in that one, didn’t we?!

I have been listening to Davina Porter narrate the series while I work every day, and am following along every week in the books so this is an odd new way of reading Outlander for me, but it’s most fun seeing the similarities and differences in the show.

However, that doesn’t bother me, not at all. The changes aren’t taking away from the series at all…

And to be honest, I love Sam playing Jamie and his performance is spot on, but I still can’t see him or hear him speak when I read the books…so in its way, these three forms of Outlander are still separated in my mind.

I guess it’s like all the versions of Pride & Prejudice that are out there, you love them or not…but somehow, the book is the bigger part of how you feel about the character of Mr. Darcy.

Here is Ron’s take on episode 6 and why he felt he should take that scene farther…

Happy reading!

Best Meme Ever….

I live with a Frozen obsessed child so I find this particularly hilarious!

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Shared from Twitter @BlackJackRand


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